Types of Soy Animal Feed

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Across the globe, soybeans form an important part of animal feeds for all kinds of livestock. Soy animal feed is in fact the single most important source of protein for farm animals. Far surpassing other feeds when it comes to protein content, soybean meal is now the standard for poultry and other livestock. Globally, almost 80% of soybean grown worldwide is fed to livestock. Closer to home, of the 3.1 million tons of soy beans, meal and oil that were imported into Britain in 2015/16, over a third was fed to livestock. Soy meal makes up the overwhelming part of this import, and half of it is fed mostly to pigs and poultry.

Soy Animal Feed for Livestock and Poultry

When extracting soybean oil, most soy animal feed is produced as a by-product. Often different types of soybean meal will be graded by their protein content, which can depend on the presence of seed hulls. Dehulled seeds will tend to have the highest protein content and the lowest crude fibres. The protein content of different soy animal feeds are tailored to the needs of different livestock.

Since the outlawing of bonemeal in poultry farming, soya has become the dominant animal feed. Soy meal remains the most affordable feed option over alternatives like lentils and other legumes. For farmers, soya is still the best source of protein in terms of cost.

With their own range of soy animal feeds, Copdock Mill provide all you need to support various livestock.

For poultry, Copdock Mill have a variety of feeds suited to poultry of different ages and uses. Targeted at laying hens, the Range Layers feed is available in a pellet or mash form. Also available are Growers Pellets for growing poultry from six weeks. Thanks to Soya Bean Extract, this feed has a high protein content to keep poultry growing to finish. Alongside this feed, there are Starter Micros, a feed specifically for chicks. Furthermore, Copdock Mill’s Poultry Gold feed offers a full poultry diet in one feed, with high protein content courtesy of soybean.

You can find these poultry feeds and more at many pet food wholesale stores, with the full range on offer at Gladwells Pet & Country Stores.

Seed and Feed Mixes for All Kinds of Animals

Copdock Mill also provide a range of feed mixes for bird, dogs and other small animals.

Birdfeed mixes include seed mixes specifically targeted at caged and wild birds. As well as an Aviary Mix, there are various seed mixes for Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Parakeets and Finches.

As well as this, you’ll find just as much variety on offer from Copdock’s small animal feeds. There are three different mixes for rabbits, alongside other mixes for guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.

For dogs, Copdock Mill’s Corporal’s Crunch and Brigadier’s Choice range offer choice to owners of working dogs and pets. The two Corporal’s Crunch rations have all the nutrition a working dog needs. Premium, flavoured kibbles make up the Brigadier’s Choice range, with a specially formulated mix available for puppies.

Copdock Mill’s entire range is available for trade customers, and is always open to new requests for trade accounts. You can also buy mixes directly from Gladwell’s Pet and Country Stores.

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