Here are a number of questions frequently asked by our Trixie Trade Customers. We hope that you find these answers helpful, however if you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Can I order Trixie products you do not stock in the UK? 

Yes, we are able to provide any products currently available from Trixie. A spreadsheet of current Trixie products and prices can be found on our website. We use the same codes as Trixie, with a “TX” prefix.


What are the minimum order values.

  • £300 net if ordered from Trixie direct in Germany. We recommend you do this via your Trixie Sales Representative.
  • £150 net if ordered from H G Gladwell & Sons Ltd in the UK.


When do I need to order by? and when will I receive my order?

  • If ordered from Trixie in Germany. Orders need to be placed for Trixie products by 4pm on Wednesday. Missing this cut off may delay orders by 7 days. Trixie will pick and dispatch orders to us. This process will take approximately 1 week. Once we receive your order from Trixie, we will either- despatch your order by courier, or if you are in our delivery area, it will be sent on your normal delivery day.
  • If ordered from H G Gladwell & Sons Ltd. For our stock Trixie items orders can be placed in the normal way. For non stock Trixie items orders need to be with us by 4pm on a Wednesday as above.


Why have I not been offered a credit account?

  • The most common reason is that when filling in the online form you did not request one and did not give two trade references.
  • If you would like to apply for credit terms please contact our accounts department by email requesting one and a form will be emailed to you.
  • Referees should be someone that you currently trade with. It is normally polite to advise the referee that you are giving their name as a reference.
  • You cannot give yourself a trade reference.


Why has my account been put on hold?

This will probably be because your account is overdue for payment.  To avoid this we can set up a direct debit facility to collect payments once they become due. Please ask for a copy of our Direct Debit Pack by emailing 


Why do you keep sending me reminders of overdue payment?

We remind all customers when their account is overdue for payment. Failure to manage cash flow is a major cause of business failure. We always are prepared to support our customers if they encounter payment issues. Please ensure you contact us if this is the case. If we do not know we cannot help hence our reminders.    


I cannot login with the details on my confirmation letter.

This may be because you are not leaving the username field blank. You only need the password which is case sensitive.


How do I get login details for the B2B section?

You can apply for your login details here.

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