Copdock Mill Wholesale has been providing pet supplies to UK clients for well over four decades. This level of experience has allowed our family-run business to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. If you have been looking for reliable trade pet supplies that are a cut above the rest, you have come to the right place.

As a family-run business for more than a century, Copdock Mill Wholesale understands more than most the need to provide a professional, personal service for its trade customers. As producers and suppliers of only premium-grade animal feeds, accessories and equipment, Copdock Mill Wholesale is the wholesaler your business deserves.

As a trade customer, you can provide the best value for your own customers in-store, as Copdock Mill Wholesale provides quality products at the most competitive prices.

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Homegrown produce wherever possible

With a clear commitment to quality, Copdock Mill Wholesale sources its homegrown cereals directly from the farm.  Otherwise, wherever possible, all imported feed in bulk form is sourced from the country of origin.

Consequently, Copdock Mill’s own-brand products are entirely transparent in terms of the composition of their feeds.  Namely superior blends well-suited to a variety of cage and wild birds, small household pets and poultry.

The only exceptions to the above are products that must be supplied in bags or boxes.  Including specialist fishing bait such as Chinese Hemp, Cuttlefish Bones and Millet Sprays. Copdock Mill cleans, dresses and grades all imported raw materials.

Complete control of all end products

The company aims to surpass the demands for product quality by its valued trade customers. Consequently, the team at Copdock Mill works hard to control as many stages of the production process as possible. An integrated production system ensures complete control and responsibility for all end products. The team can also accurately trace the production process and promptly correct identified faults.

Petfood Wholesaler Trade Only: All About End-User Satisfaction

One of the reasons why we have enjoyed such success over the years involves our sense of flexibility. We are able to provide a wide variety of wholesale pet supplies for UK firms. Here are some of our specialities:

  • Wild bird feed
  • Cage & Aviary feed
  • Small animals
  • Poultry
  • Fishing bait

Whether referring to wild bird seed or rabbit feed, customers can remain confident that quality is never sacrificed for price.

wholesale Pet Supplies UK – Superior Blends

We have always believed that homegrown and organic trade pet supplies are key in terms of quality and reliability. The majority of our products are completely transparent in terms of their contents and how they were produced. After all, quality ingredients help to ensure quality results.

Our experts have also adopted a hands-on approach in regards to the production process. Therefore, offer guaranteed quality assurance.  In the rare event that an issue occurs, it can be quickly traced and corrected.

Dedicated in-house distribution service – When Dependability Counts

Copdock Mill Wholesale is one of the few firms within the United Kingdom which is equipped with an in-house distribution system.

From zoos and commercial animal farms to the equine and pet industries, Copdock Mill Wholesale can deliver to them all on their own fleet of vehicles. 

Have you been looking for a reliable source of commercial animal feed products? If so, Copdock Mill Wholesale aims to please. We encourage you to contact one of our specialists at your convenience. You may also choose to visit our website to appreciate the range of options available to you. We will be happy to explain our services as well as your options in greater detail.

All Copdock Mill trade customers are nominated a dedicated account manager and delivery driver. Ensuring a first-class personal service for your business that’s superior to any third-party courier.

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