What Do Rabbits Eat?

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What Do Rabbits Eat?

Knowing how to properly care for your rabbit is critical if you hope your pet will have a long and happy life. Diet is crucial, as these animals are quite energetic and they need to be able to receive the proper nutrients on a daily basis. So, what do rabbits eat? What types of foods do they enjoy and are there any habits that you should acknowledge? If you have recently purchased a rabbit, the information found below will give you a great starting place.

What do Rabbits Eat? A General Dietary Overview

We should first point out that rabbits are herbivores. In other words, they survive on a diet comprised of plants. They are often known to feed on substances such as grass, hay and leafy weeds. Hay is full of fibre and is why this is a great staple for them. To really gain their affection, a welcome treat would be a selection of fresh vegetables or muesli-based mix, such as our Fancy Rabbit Feed. Another plus for feeding your rabbit hay, is that it is known to cause rabbits to chew frequently; helping to wear down their extremely sharp teeth in a healthy way.

What is rabbit muesli?

Rabbit muesli includes ingredients such as dried maize, wheat, peas, oats, grasses, fruit, sunflower meal, linseed, straw, beans, oils, and added minerals and vitamins.

Copdock Mill offers a range of rabbit muesli mixes:

  • Jolly Roger Rabbit Mix – Developed with higher levels of fibre to promote well being in rabbits.
  • Fancy Rabbit Mix – For rabbits of all ages.  Make using the finest of ingredients, our most popular mix.

It is wise to speak with a veterinarian if you suspect that your rabbit has special dietary requirements.

What do Wild Rabbits Eat in Comparison to Domesticated Animals?

The diet of wild rabbits is generally similar to those in captivity. However, the main difference is that their diet is not nearly as varied. They might not always receive an adequate amount of nutrients. Let us also keep in mind that they do not have access to quality rabbit food. This is one of the reasons why rabbits living in captivity will often survive much longer. This also brings us to the final point.

How Long do Pet Rabbits Live for?

Although the answer to this question will depend upon factors such as the exact species as well as the amount of exercise that the rabbit obtains, most indoor pet rabbits can live for between eight and ten years if cared for properly. This is why providing them with the appropriate food is critical.

The team at Copdock Mill has created a wide range of small animal feed, including muesli mix rabbit food available to purchase from your nearest Gladwells Pet & Country Store.

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