Pet Dental Health Month

Posted on February 4th, 2022   Categories Advice and Information

Looking after your pet’s teeth is an important part of preventive health care. This February is pet dental health month so here are four top tips for keeping those teeth healthy…

Brush your pet’s teeth

  • Pet owners should always seek advice from a vet to ensure that brushing is effective. This depends on motivation, a certain degree of technical skill by the owner, and of course, a willing pet!

Dog having teeth brushed

How to brush pet’s teeth

  • You will need a (soft) toothbrush and a tooth paste formulated for pets. You must use a pet tooth paste as the human tooth pastes have a high fluoride content which can be toxic to cats and dogs. Again owners should seek their vet’s advice.

Toothbrush for dog

A balanced diet

  • Supporting the mouth’s own self-cleaning system by feeding a balanced diet which includes some biscuits and chews. As well as the above methods of removing plaque, there are a number of excellent dental chews and specially formulated diets which can provide significant improvements to your pet’s oral health.

Dog chewing on treat

Veterinary checks

  • Regular veterinary check ups should include an examination of your pet’s mouth. Like humans, many pets, particularly middle-aged and older cats and dogs, require periodic professional scaling by a vet in addition to on-going plaque control.


There are a number of dental chews for dogs and cats on the market which reduce tartar build up and help keep your pet’s mouth fresh.

Whimzees put together this video to illustrate the benefits of their daily dental chews…

Whimzees Video Screenshot


Everything you need to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy can be found at our Gladwells Pet & Country Stores today. February 2022 is Pet Dental Health Awareness month to remind pet owners to take care of their pet’s mouth but these tips and guidelines should be followed all year round. Happy brushing!


(Suggestions on health care taken from the PFMA website).

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