NEW Copdock Mill Mixed Corn with Verm-X

Posted on March 10th, 2022   Categories Copdock Mill, Product

Our Poultry range with Verm-X is expanding!

Introducing our new Mixed Corn with Verm-X.

Copdock Mill Mixed Corn is our finest blend of wheat and cut maize, now available with added Verm-X. Verm-X is a completely natural blend of 11 herbs that aid digestion and support intestinal resilience.

This new addition will join our Range Layers Pellets & Mash as the third product in our poultry feed range with Verm-X.




(Image text – Adding Verm-X helps poultry easily absorb vital nutrients from this premium blend).

(Image text – This high energy, supplementary feed will now carry the added benefit of promoting good intestinal hygiene).

Why feed Verm-X?

Adding Verm-X to your flock’s feed means they get the most from their meals. The completely natural blend supports the good bacteria in their gut and promotes intestinal hygiene.


(Image text – Verm-X supports digestion and helps the good bacteria in the gut to flourish).

(Image text – Verm-X is a completely natural solution, keeping eggs safe to eat while using).

Copdock Mill Mixed Corn is a classic poultry favourite for garden chickens. Our finest blend of wheat and cut maize. High in fat and an ideal a source of energy. This blend helps maintain strong egg shells. Blended right here locally in our Mill in Suffolk.

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