What Can I Feed Chickens?

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Poultry have always been good at finding their own food. Whether they were foraging, catching insects, or picking up spilled grain around the farm. But as times have changed and poultry farming has grown, the way we feed our chickens has changed too. This leads to the question: what can I feed chickens?

For the best produce, chickens need the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Nowadays, we’ve developed nutritionally rich poultry feeds that suit the needs of all kinds of chickens at all kinds of ages. With the right kind of feeds, your chickens won’t have to range far from the chicken coop to get all their nutrients.

What Can I Feed Chickens from the Chicken Feeder?

Most chicken feed comes in mash or pellet form. Mash feed will be ground, allowing the poultry to pick from the ingredients. Pelleted feed is essentially mash feed that has been moulded into pellets, and will be swallowed whole. Newly hatched chicks will often find mash easier to eat.

Copdock Mill offer a range of both mash and pellet feeds to suit both chicks and adult chickens. The Range Layers products cater to laying hens, with ingredients specifically designed to foster healthy laying. The high calcium content of this feed leads to stronger shells. The Range Layers feed comes in both a chicken layers pellets form and mash form. Verm-X supplements both feeds, a formulation that supports intestinal health. You can still safely eat the eggs thanks to its all-natural ingredients.

Also available are complete feeding stuff for growing poultry at a variety of ages. Copdock Mill’s Chick Starter Micros will get chicks growing in their first 5 weeks. Rather than a mash, unique small pellets make up this feed. Small chicks will find this easy to eat; helping them quickly get used to pellet feed. Once chicks hit 6 weeks, they can then swap to Copdock Mill’s traditional Growers Pellets, which will serve them to finish.

Keep your Chicken Coop Happy with Copdock Mill

Of course, one answer expected to the question ‘what can I feed chickens?’ is corn. Mixed Corn is a great natural treat for hens after a larger morning feed of pellets. But Copdock Mill also offer a Super Mixed Corn product, supplemented with oyster shells, hen grit and extra protein. This mix is perfect for garden hens. A handful of Mixed Corn is a great way to supplement the main poultry feed in the chicken feeder.

Copdock Mill have a great range of feeds for all kinds of chickens. But their expertise goes well beyond poultry. As a leading specialist in animal feed, Copdock Mill have been supplying to trade and pet-owners for years. For trade enquiries get in touch with Copdock Mill today. Or, if you’re just on the hunt for the best in pet feed, you can find their full range of feeds at Gladwells Pet & Country Stores.

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