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Posted on October 18th, 2023   Categories Product

Versele-Laga is an international manufacturer of quality nutrition and care brand products for pets and performance animals. At Copdock Mill Wholesale we stock a range of products from Versele-Laga, with emphasis on their pigeon feeds, grits and minerals. From racing pigeons to show pigeons, Versele-Laga have a balanced, nutritious feed for them all, below are a few of our favourites. 


Best All-rounder

High-quality all-round mixture.
Suitable for feeding throughout the year.
Very rich in yellow maize and maple peas.

Gerry Plus I.C.

Complete feed for pigeons enriched with the Immunity Concept+ pellet.
Low-protein but high-fat mixture that provides enough energy
for the pigeons to train intensively.
Suitable for both old and young pigeons, ideal to keep them in training.
Mixture is easily digestible and provides the pigeon with all the
necessary vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It also guarantees
an optimal protection against gastrointestinal problems.


We also stock the majority of their extensive cage bird range, with the remainder available as special order. Our top pick this month is their Breeding Canary feed formulated without rapeseed.


Breeding Canary without Rapeseed

High quality seed mixture for all canaries
Protein rich breeding mixture ideal for type canaries
Also for colour canaries where a strong yellow coloration is not desired.

Click here to view the range of Versele-Laga available from our warehouse and place your order today.

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