Now Stocking Chick Starter Micro Pellets

Posted on April 9th, 2018   Categories Copdock Mill, Product

We are excited to stock the new Chick Starter Micros, which will be sold in both 20kg and 5kg bag sizes. The Micros are a 2mm pellet feed.

After an incredibly successful 18 month trial of working with East Anglia’s Premier poultry feed manufacturer and nutritionists, we have received some overwhelming feedback from Major Poultry and Turkey producers, regarding the size of the pellets for chick consumption.

  • The micros are less dusty and a more consistent particle size than crumbs.
  • The birds waste less feed and the young chicks find them easier to see and eat. This in turn improves intakes.
  • Micro pellets get the bird used to eating a pellet right from the start.
  • Micro pellets are easier to feed out and handle.

This product will replace the Chick starter crumbs and much like the crumbs, Chick Starter Micro’s has an inclusion of Eimericox. Eimericox is a natural herbal alternative to a coccidiostat and is included in order to give your birds the best possible protection at the start of their life.

Bury Store hatched chicks Kebab, Curry and Nugget with their bag of Chick Starter Micros!

Three of the chicks hatched at Gladwells Pet & Country Store in Bury are already using Chick Starter Micros.


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