Castle Hill Primary School Donation

Posted on February 7th, 2019   Categories Charity, Gladwells Pet & Country Stores

The Gladwells Pet and Country Store branch in Copdock has donated a selection of chicken feeds and treats to Castle Hill Primary School after a break in at the school. The primary school’s chicken coop was broken into during January 2019 which led to two chickens disappearing and two dying, leaving three behind at the school.

The East Anglian Daily Times reported the following:

“CCTV captured footage of teenagers breaking into sheds on the premises of Castle Hill Primary School, in Dryden Road, Ipswich and releasing the schools’ chickens.

When a caretaker came to check on the birds the following morning, he found that two were missing, two were dead and three were alive – though one also has an injury on its back.

Their deaths have left the school’s community heartbroken, with headteacher Gemma Andrews describing what happened as very distressing in a letter to parents.”


With the Gladwells store wanting to contribute with the rest of the local community, store manager Darrel (seen below) delivered the feed, treats and supplies to the school and children. Darrel mentioned to the school how impressed he was with the pupils who accepted the donations adding they were a credit to the school.


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