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As a family-run business for more than a century, Copdock Mill understands more than most the need to provide a professional, personal wholesale service for its trade customers. As producers and suppliers of only premium-grade animal feeds, accessories and equipment, Copdock Mill is the wholesaler your business deserves. By wholesaling quality products at the most competitive prices, as a trade customer, you can provide the best value for your own customers in-store.

Homegrown produce wherever possible

With a clear commitment to quality, Copdock Mill sources its homegrown cereals directly from the farm and, wherever possible, sources all imported feed in bulk form from source. Consequently, Copdock Mill’s own-brand products are entirely transparent in terms of the composition of their feeds, with superior blends that are well-suited to a variety of cage and wild birds, small household pets and poultry.

The only exceptions to the above are products that must be supplied in bags or boxes, including specialist fishing bait such as Chinese Hemp, Cuttlefish Bones and Millet Sprays. All the raw materials Copdock Mill imports are cleaned, dressed and graded, if appropriate.

Complete control of all end products

The company aims to surpass the demands for product quality by its valued trade customers. Consequently, the team at Copdock Mill works hard to control as many stages of the production process as possible. An integrated production system ensures complete control and responsibility for all end products. The team can also accurately trace the production process and promptly correct faults as soon as they are identified.

Dedicated in-house distribution service

Copdock Mill offers a prompt and reliable distribution service to the pet, equine and farming industries, overseen by its dedicated in-house logistics team. The company has its own transport fleet, delivering many of its products nationwide.

All Copdock Mill trade customers are nominated a dedicated account manager and delivery driver, ensuring a first-class personal service for your business that’s superior to any third-party courier.


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