Age: 22
PB: (UK)Common 32lb 8oz, (UK)Mirror 31lb 6oz, (Intl) 40lb 4oz
Sponsors: Crafty Catcher, Wofte Clothing, Atomic Baits

Tristan started Carp fishing at the age of 12, and his addiction has grown ever since. As a chef he didnít much time to fish and, after 7 years, decided to change his career to landscape gardening. This has given him a lot more time on the bank. He is now able to have two quick fishing sessions a week with longer ones peppered between the months.
With Boyton Cross being the first syndicate that he concentrated on, it took a couple of years for him to catch all of the prized Carp, bar one. During this time he learnt a huge amount and enjoyed every minute. He hopes to catch the elusive carp at some point in the near future.

His next mission: Cleverley Mere.