Crafty Specials

A blend of 6 different classic Carp catching flavours, N'butyric acid and a low PH gives these super buoyant pop ups both a unique smell and strong food signal. Each pot contains a mix of four flouro colours and a sachet of soluble bait booster to maximise attraction and give a real edge when using single hook bait tactics.

Crafty Candies are highly attractive sweet tasting hook baits that most Carp will never have seen before. The unique flavour blend and super bright colour combinations give a real edge on pressured UK waters and are perfect for single hook bait tactics or in combination with method feeders and stick mixes. The unique anti-eject shape turns virtually all pick - ups into hooked fish and has definitely helped put more big wary fish on the bank.

Crafty Candies

Available in:

  • Bottom Bait - 10mm
  • Bottom Bait - 15mm
  • Bottom Bait - 18mm
  • Pop-Ups - Assorted sizes
  • Crafty Candy Sweetener

    The same blend of unique Candy flavours in a natural, super sweet liquid form. Highly soluble this liquid will add a massive sugar boost to hook baits and stick to mixes and is the perfect dip for cold water conditions.