Big Hit
Pellet Mix

This PVA-friendly mix is perfect for mesh & bags, Spoddong and feeding margin spots. The mix contains a variety of sizes and types of pellets that have different breakdown rates and keep working longer to keep fish in the swim. For added attraction the pellets are glugged in feed inducing fish oil and coated in whole shrimp and krill powder.

Loaded with attraction for quick bites, this versatile groundbait can be mixed to give a fast or slow breakdown. With superb binding for long range casting the Big Hit method mix is a devastating proven big fish catcher that targets fish at any range. This adaptable mix can be customized with up to 20% extra additives and liquids without affecting performance.

Big Hit
Method Mix

Big Hit
Cloudy Spod Mix

Cloudy Spod is a dry mix containing a blend of active, fizzing slow sinking particles. When mixed on the bank with lake water and the included activator oil it creates a milky cloud that hovers in the upper layers then filters down through the water column. Intercepts cruising fish without over feeding them.