Crafty Catcher started trading in 1984 to manufacture and distribute Carp baits. They developed and built the first boilie making machines and made the first commercially viable boilies. Initially the company rented freezers to retailers who stocked the new Crafty Catcher boilies but quickly developed the first shelf life boilies which helped to grow distribution throughout the UK and later Europe.

The most memorable products made in those early years and still remembered as excellent fish catchers were the Peanut Pro and Caribbean Cocktail boilies. The Caribbean Cocktail being a blend of Coconut and Pineapple powdered extracts that are still catching plenty of fish today.

Through the late eighties and into the nineties Crafty Catcher developed an excellent reputation for quality and service throughout Europe as Carp Fishing and the influence of the UK market started to spread to mainland Europe. The product range now included all the emerging ingredients, additives and flavours for the growing number of anglers making their own boilies as well as the first ready-made fishmeal boilies.


The first ever price list

Itís true to say that as a result of the opportunities to expand in Europe, the potential of the UK market was not fully realised and the name Crafty Catcher as a brand in the UK shops was overtaken by new companies coming into the market.

Marketing and sales were not given as much importance as product development and manufacturing expertise and as a consequence of this Crafty Catcher became a volume manufacturer of Carp baits for other leading brands, mainly in Europe, and concentrated on growing the business in this way until 2001 when the business changed hands and was taken over by Cliff Davis.

Cliff had had six yearsí experience in sales, marketing and product development at Dynamite Baits and made changes to broaden the range of products the company could make and launched a new brand Ocean Fresh, to showcase them.


New products included the first Fluoro pop ups (Ocean Fresh Neons), the first Krill and pellet based method mix (Oily pellet method mix) and the first PVA Friendly hemp and particle range. Other products developed included the first true soft hook pellets (Juicy pellets, distributed by Van Den Eynde), and the now industry standard soft Jelly Pellets which have been manufactured for many brands Europe wide. Ocean Fresh was sold five years ago in 2007 and is now distributed throughout Europe by Ocean Fresh UK Limited, with Crafty Catcher still manufacturing the core product range today.

In 2012, Crafty Catcher became a Copdock Mill brand and now benefits from the huge resources and infrastructure of this 100 year-old family owned business. Crafty Catcher have had a long association with Copdock Mill, both as a supplier having developed the Lake Wizard brand of bait, and as a customer, purchasing from the enormous range of quality ingredients Copdock Mill offer directly from source.

Cliff Davis in 2003


In 2013, Cliff Davis joined Copdock Mill to take the Crafty Catcher brand to the next level.

Crafty Catcher now benefits from Copdock Millís fantastic infrastructure in terms of:

  • Quality and availability of a wide range of ingredients, particularly particles and pellets.
  • Expertise in manufacturing and sourcing pet food and animal feeds.
  • Ability to handle massive volumes through packing department.
  • Fantastic manufacturing and production facilities.