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We have been wholesaling to the pet and equine industry for over 40 years. A professional, independent wholesaler and manufacturer with strong customer care values. Still a family owned business Copdock Mill has been in the Gladwell family for over 100 years. Our mission is to provide you the customer, with a professional, personal service at competitive prices.

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To achieve the quality demanded by the consumer we have concentrated on controlling as many of the stages of the production process as we can. All the home grown cereals are purchased directly from the farm and wherever possible we source all imported feed in bulk form from origin. The only exceptions are products that can only be supplied in bags or boxes such as Millet Sprays, Cuttlefish Bones and Chinese Hemp. All these raw materials are then treated for infestation, cleaned and dressed and if appropriate graded. Any further processing is carried out at this time (cutting, grinding, crushing for example) and the material is then available for blending and bagging.

To ensure optimum freshness the blending and bagging process is usually carried out immediately prior to shipment. All the above processes are carried out on the same site and handling is reduced to a minimum to avoid damage and contamination to the finished product. Other consequences, as a result of our integrated production system, are that we have control and responsibility for the end product, we can trace the production process and can promptly correct any faults as soon as they are identified. Another obvious result of our process is that we can achieve great efficiencies that result in better value for our customers.

The vast majority of our products are delivered on our own dedicated transport so we can respond promptly to changes in demand and give, we believe, a superior service over goods delivered by third party transport.

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